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Aaron Gibson

Make your life easier, one package at a time

Aaron Mefford

Using OpenSource in the Internet of Things

Aaron Mildenstein

From open-source community involvement to career
A deeper look at the ELK Stack: Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana

Aaron Toponce

Better Understanding of Crypto Algorithms
End-to-end Encrypted Solutions

Adam Culp

Does Your Code Measure Up?
Essential Git for developers

Adi Kamdar

Second Keynote

AJ ONeal

People WILL use your app while driving!
Desi: The DIY Blog for Muggles (and Wizards)
Firefox OS (with Phones in Hand)

Alan Clark

A Dive Into Open Source Cloud with OpenStack

Alan Hardman

The Road to Open Source: Build open source and get your boss to thank you.

Alpheus Madsen

Computing From Scratch: Building A Computer from Switches on Up
An Introduction to Forth, a Quirky Yet Amazing Language

Andrew Hurd

How to Discourage Testing

Anthony Browness

Selenium WebDriver and the Page Object Pattern

Ben Coverston

Application Development in an Eventually Consistent World

Ben Edmunds

Modern and Secure PHP
Your API Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

Ben Loveridge

AngularJS Directives: the next 42
Gitting with the flow: a maintainable branch strategy using git-flow

Brandon Johnson

Hybrid Cloud Management and Orchestration with Red Hat CloudForms

Brayden Winterton

An Introduction To Docker

Brian G. Merrell

Programming in Go

Brian Merrell

Hands-on Introduction to Go Programming

Bryant Eastham

Opening the Door: An Open-Source Journey

Cam Peterson

MQTT and the Internet of Things
Clojure - Powerful tools for working with data and the web
How and Why to Build Your Own (Teardrop) Camping Trailer

Casey Allred

Exceptions Considered Harmful

Chad Kidder

Perpetually Powered Things

Christopher Hopkins

PHP and MongoDB
Introduction to GPG

Claron Twitchell

Learning AngularJS

Clint Savage

Zen and the Art of Community: An Introspection into the Modern User Group
Better Exposure with Python Packaging

Corey Edwards

Darktable: Unlock your RAW potential
Using Drupal to Build a Data Driven Website

Cory Klein

A Beginner's Introduction to Functional Programming with Java
Creating a RESTful Data Query API in Scala
Test Driving A Service Around the Block

Craig D Golightly

REST with Spring Boot and Amazon Web Services
Managing the Business of YOU
Human vs Machine: Dealing with Unstructured Data

Curtis Jensen

Web Accessibility Testing Using CasperJS

Daina Pettit

Perl Quiz!

Dan Callahan

Redefining HTML with Web Components
Firefox OS App Development: It's just the Web... or is it?
Intro to Rust: a new, memory safe, systems-level programming language

Dan Hunsaker

Treating Sites as APIs
Removing Cron From The PHP Workflow
Webs and Workers: Workload Separation in Online Projects
Surviving Freelance Work

Daniel Calkins

Introduction to .NET Core

Dave ​Boucha

Advanced SaltStack Reactor Use Cases for Event-Driven Infrastructure

David Newton

Improving performance with responsive (and responsible!) images
Universal Web Design: How to create an awesome experience for *every* user

David Oswald

Inline::Module : XS modules made easy.

David Owen

Re-publishing old books (or new), using open source software
Gluing together a personal web search engine

David Stockton

Beginning OOP in PHP
Intermediate OOP in PHP
Hacking Sites for Fun and Profit
API All the Things!

Denise Dumas

First Keynote

Derek Carter

Powerful Presentations
A BASHful Adventurer

Derek Clifford

Getting Started with Test Automation

Derrick Isaacson

The Prisoner’s Dilemma and Moving to an SOA

Dmitry Dessiatnikov

How to use Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) to secure your applications

Dmitry Pashkevich

Building an enterprise-grade app with AngularJS

Doran Barton

systemd - The init of the 21st century
A Brief History of Open Source

Duke Speer

So, you want to setup an Open Source service business, eh?
Lessons from Star Trek - Leadership in an Open Source World
Present like a Pro - How to Give a Killer Presentation
WordPress + Joomla + Mautic - A Hat Trick for Continuous Disruption

E. Dunham

Human Hacking
Thinking In Git
Teaching DevOps to University Students

Eric Lineback

Appium Mobile Automation Testing

Erik Falor

From Vim Muggle to Wizard in 10 Easy Steps
Screen and Tmux: The greatest little programs you've never used

Ethan Garofolo

Practical functional programming for the modern web developer


How to make Super "Pipe" Bros In the Browser

Forrest Barth

Nmap Idle Scan: Misdirection and Network Reconnaissance
How Do I Tails?: A Beginner's Guide to Anonymous Computing

Garrett Nay

Firefox OS Apps: From Setup to Submission
Forget Frameworks! Build Your App the Way You Want with Ampersand.js


Securing Secrets in the Cloud

Gavin Howard

Developing Creativity

Gemma Anible

Navigating Your Git Repository
Testing Spaghetti

Gregg Hernandez

Exceptions Considered Harmful

Hayden Panike

The ELK Stack: Practical for System Administration?

Ingy dot Net

2 New Powerful Git Commands
10 Things You Don't Know About YAML

Jacob Mather

Give Your Engineers Wings, not Anchors: Building Tools for the Cloud
Virtualize your stack with Vagrant and Puppet
Introduction to building a programming language
Testing Browser JavaScript Completely

Jake Trent

Flux: One Man's Journey at 1.21 Gigawatts

James Lohse

Hadoop, MapReduce, Weka & Python Pandas, Oh My? A Data Mining and Machine Learning Primer

James Thompson

Microservices for the Monolith

Jared Robinson

Scaling RabbitMQ

Jared Smith

Content Management Comes of Age: What's new in Drupal 8?

Jared Yarn

Selenium Testing: 7 Things You Need To Know

Jarom Loveridge

Introduction to Express 4

Jason Dobry

Give your Data the Respect it Deserves

Jason Jones

Using CEFPython to Create Applications

Jeff Carouth

A Gentle Walk Towards SOA
Deploying with Robots: Automated Application Deployment
Conference Speaking 101 and 102

Jeremy Curcio

Human Interface Guidelines: For Dummies
Playgrounds: A Swift Introduction
Introduction to FPDF

Jeremy Mikola

A New Type of PHP: HHVM and Hack
Zero to Sixty with MongoDB
Advanced Data Modeling with MongoDB

Joe Ferguson

DevOps For Small Teams
Continuous Integration: How I stopped guessing if that merge was bad

Joe Skeen

Using TypeScript with AngularJS to Enhance your Development Experience

John Anderson

With Great Nerdery Comes Great Responsibility
Automate Yo'self

John Coggeshall

A Peek at PHP 7
Corporate Source vs. Open Source

John Kerley-Weeks

What is the Hype about Hadoop?

Joseph Alsop

Compart-MENTAL: An Introduction to Object Oriented Programing and Code Re-use

Joseph Brower

From 0 to Pong in 50 minutes

Joseph Scott

Measuring Web Performance with WebPageTest

Josh Coates

First Keynote

Joshua Gardner

Web Programming in Go
Developing with Docker

Joshua Tolley

From Zero to Database: Building a PostgreSQL Instance The Right Way

Joshua Warren

High Stakes Continuous Delivery in the Real World
Work-Life Balance For Passionate Geeks
Get Out of the Back Row! A Community Involvement Primer
Behavior & Specification Driven Development in PHP

Justin Carmony

Agile Doesn't Have to Stink

Kacey Cole

Polymer and the Web Component Revolution

Kevin Howard

Open source your life, one user group at a time

Kevin Sidwar

Internet of Things: How to Choose a Hardware Platform
Tessel: Using Javascript to Pwn the Internet of Things
Hands-On With Tessel and Spark
Hands-On With Tessel and Spark

Kyle Tyacke

Cutting the Cord: How to Make the Jump to Freelance!
Communicate All the Things! ...with WebRTC!

Kyle Waters

Testing with Selenium Web Driver

Lance Buttars

Hardening Apache and PHP

Mark Calkins

UX Principles for Developers
Introduction to Node.js and Express.js

Mark Horstmeier

Serializing complex data structures with PERL, Data::Diver, MongoDB

Mark Nadal

Everything You're Doing Wrong with Data

Mark Niebergall

PHP 5.6: New and Deprecated Features
Technical Debt Management
Abstraction, Object Interfaces, Traits, Namespaces, and Dependency Injection: Cool Stuff in PHP
Security in PHP Applications: An absolute must!

matt harrison

Learn Beginning Python via Drones
Decorating Drones: Using Drones to Delve Deeper into Intermediate Python

Matthew Swensen

CSS Power-ups

Megan Wilhite

Open source your life, one user group at a time

Michael Stufflebeam

Getting started with AngularJS

Mike Lovell

Advanced SSH Techniques and Tools

Mike Place

Toolbelt Psychology-- How to use Tools without Becoming One

Mike Scalora

Intermediate jQuery - Part 2

Nick Tomlin

TDD on the front-end: the hard parts
Building attainable applications with Flux

Noji Ratzlaff

Ham Radio Class
Ham Radio Class
Ham Radio Exam

Oliver Ries

Technologies in Ubuntu & Ubuntu Touch
Ubuntu Touch - a new star in the mobile OS landscape
Scopes - the new mobile apps?

Pat wright

Integrating Relational Databases with Hadoop

Phil Sturgeon

Sprinkle in Some Go for Fun and Profit
Building Extraordinary Packages

Richard Bateman

Promises, Promises. An introduction to the Promise/Deferred pattern in Javascript
Old school languages on new-fangled platforms: C++ in the browser
Updating the old-school with C++11

Rico Cordova

Easy Testing & Development w/ django-fixtureless

Rob Martin

Hire To Hire A Software Engineer / How To Get Hired As A Software Engineer
Idiomatic Erlang in 42 minutes
Managing risk and selling value
Navigating the Bazaar

Rob Van Dam

How to contribute to open source
Custom Perl::Critic Policies

Robert Aboukhalil

Build data analysis and visualization tools with PHP
Build real-time web applications using WebSockets and Node.js
Adventures in Data Science with Bash

Robert Stone

A Clear Text Explanation of the AES Cipher
Pseudo-Random Number Generation - How does it work and what does the NSA and CIA know?
How to Disagree - But Still Be Agreeable

Russel Fisher

Perl for the programatically impaired

Russel Havens

The ELK Stack: Practical for System Administration?

Rusty Keele

An Introduction to PHP Data Objects: A Better Way to Interact with Your Database

Ryan Bouche

Running an IT department in a Non-IT Company

Ryan Done

A Deep Dive into Web Components and Polymer
Your Momma's got Javascript Design Patterns!!

Ryan Plant

Big Data Logistics: Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka

Samuel M Smith

Flow Based Programming: Why you should care even if you never plan to use it.

Scott Leonard

The Backend is Dead - how Backend as a Service providers are going to take over the world

Scott Wiersdorf

Fast Perl dependency isolation
AnyEvent primitives
A gentle and (mostly) harmless primer to event loops

Seth House

Introduction to SaltStack

Seth Johnson

Wireless Security
Open About Being Closed Redux
What's Wrong With Open Source?

Sharon Steed

What stuttering can teach you about marketing
How to talk to humans: a different approach to soft skills

Shaun Kruger

Multi Environment App Management with Jenkins and Salt

Shawn Webb

Introducing HardenedBSD

Slava Akhmechet

Rethink your database with RethinkDB

Stacie Farmer

Impostor Syndrome - You're Not Alone

Steve Meyers

Websockets and Event-driven Programming with PHP
Database Optimization for Web Developers

Tanner Gary Lund

The ELK Stack: Practical for System Administration?

theTransistor & DC801


Tom Hatch

Insight ​Into the ​Anatomy of a ​Massive ​O​pen ​Source ​Project

Tony Curtis

Using TypeScript with AngularJS to Enhance your Development Experience
Behavior Driving AngularJS with Jasmine

Travis Chase

Test drive your code with Test::More

Tristan Rhodes

Take the Red Pill: Automatic Network Discovery and Monitoring

Tyler Langlois

Scaling Elasticsearch: Designing for Performance and Availability
Elasticsearch: You Know, for s/Search/Operations/

Vance Lucas

How To Build a Tech Community
Evaluating Your App Idea
You Don’t Know Node.js

Velda Christensen

WordPress Workshop

Yann Larrivée

Vagrant up your enviroment
10 warning signs in IT projects.

Yitzchok Willroth

The Human Side of Software: Managing Cognitive Bias
Getting Off of the Freelance Roller-Coaster
From London to Chicago: A Conceptual Map for Unit Testing

Zean Tsoi

Building semantic APIs using Django REST Framework
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Human Hacking (E. Dunham) PS 015 - Geek Life
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