Brewing Beer with Linux, Python and a RaspberryPi

Making beer with open software is a blast! There are a host of open source programs available for driving the hardware required to brew awesome beer. This presentation will include an overview of the most popular brewing software available with special attention paid to the python-based project "CraftBeerPi". There will also be a detailed review of the system Christopher has been brewing beer with, including all-electric kettles and a temperature controlled fermentation chamber. [217]

Christopher Aedo @docaedo

Christopher has been working on and with open source software since his time in college. He currently works with a team of developer advocates at IBM with the mission of transforming IBMs image in the global developer community by being emissaries for the most exciting technologies and by guiding internal teams to ensure IBM's product offerings are relevant to the widest possible audience. He's always passionate when it comes to building communities whether they're focused on software, neighborhoods or hobbies. He also uses a RaspberryPi and some open source software to brew and ferment beer; say hi next time you're in Portland OR and he'll be happy to share some!

Friday, Jul 14th, 11:30am-12:20pm
Room EH2 (Hardware)
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