Why we can't have the Internet of Nice Things: A home automation primer

The internet is a vast connected network of computers that has become an essential utility in all our lives. Add to that arrays of sensors and actuators which interact with the physical world, and you have the Internet of Things. One very tangible manifestation of this is the connected / smart home.

But all this technology is nascent, and dozens of competing standards exist. This talk is going to look at where we currently stand with IoT when it comes to the realm of home automation. It will explore the standards and vendors at play, the approaches you can take, and the battle for your home that will play out over the next decade.

And just when you thought all was lost, we'll introduce you to Home Assistant, and open source community that's emerged as our next best hope to working solutions in this space. [209]

Sean Dague @sdague

Sean Dague has been an Open Source developer for most of his professional life. He's worked on numerous Open Source projects over the years including SystemImager, OpenHPI, Xen, OpenSim, NFS Ganesha, and OpenStack.

He's a core reviewer on Nova, Tempest, Devstack, Grenade, and lots of smaller projects within OpenStack, and is serving on the OpenStack Technical Committee.

Sean has been an avid Linux and Open Source user and contributor going back to college days. He created the Mid Hudson Linux Users Group in 2003, and has been running a monthly Linux and Open Source lecture series there ever since, exposing hundreds of people to the joys of Open Source technology.

Thursday, Jul 13th, 02:00pm-02:50pm
Room EH2 (Hardware)
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